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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nominations for STELLAR Blogs

Ok, so here are my nominations, really quickly:

Historical Content: Danny Patterson

  • Does a great job of using his personal knowledge and tying it into the concepts we are learning about history
  • Shows that he understands the historical content we are studying in each of his posts.

Computing Content: Rhett Ferrin

  • Great posts that tie in the Computing Content to the historical topics that we are studying
  • Doing a great job of keeping us up to date with the Missionary final project
  • Extremely informative posts that really expand my understanding as I read them

Self-Directed Learning: Jeffrey Chen

  • Lots of Digital Literacy Labs
  • Uses the Digital Labs to relate them to the topics at hand
  • Great posts about how he is learning new and exciting things on the internet
Though, in all honesty, I've enjoyed reading all the class blogs that I have over the course of this semester. We have a lot of wonderful writers in this class, and it really is hard to just pick a few. In all honesty, I would nominate all the blogs that have kept up with every blog post this semester for one of these categories.

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