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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pregnancy Cravings

Well, it's been announced on Facebook, so it's probably OK to blog about now. *wink**wink* ;) My wife is pregnant!! We're going to have our first child sometime at the end of February! It's super exciting, but also a little nerve wracking. I've actually picked up another job to try and bring in some extra income to save so that we have enough money to pay for the baby when it gets here. We'll see how that goes. At least it's a job where I'm helping Dan Siebert with a research project here at BYU in the Mathematics Education department. I feel like I'm actually doing some work that is related to my field now. It's on my own time, and I'm really enjoying it so far. It makes me excited to do research in the future when I'm a University Professor (if that ever really does come true....)

Anyway, back to Jenny and our soon to be bundle of joy... Most women talk about having pregnancy cravings. They talk about weird foods that they start to crave that they normally wouldn't eat. That has been true for my wife. She has had some strange cravings. A craving she had back in July should have been our first clue to the fact that she was pregnant, but we didn't even pay any attention to it. We were slicing tomatoes to take for sandwich making to our Family Reunion get together up at Lagoon. While she was slicing the tomatoes, (which, by the way, she normally does not really like to eat unless it's very thin on a sandwich) she picks one up, pours salt on it, and starts munching on this THICK slice of tomato. And she sits there really happy and content. She even said, if I recall correctly, "Mmm...Tomatoes..." while she ate it. It was really weird, but we didn't even think of it as a pregnancy craving. Couple of weeks later, lo and behold, two positive pregnancy tests, and we knew that our lives were going to change very quickly. A change that we are SUPER excited for, mind you :)

Speaking of strange cravings, if you want a strange meal, have your pregnant wife cook one for you. The other night we ended up having macaroni and cheese, with a side of chocolate pudding and a glass of water. It was awesome :)

The one craving I was not prepared for was a craving not of food, but of a place. Jenny has been REALLY wanting to go to a beach. She has been craving the salty air, the sand between her toes, the warm sun. It's been crazy. Anytime she catches even the slightest whiff of a "sea breeze" smell, she groans with longing, and asks me if we can go to the beach. I've been wondering if others experience this as well when going through pregnancy...?

So...If you know of any cheap flights to California, or vacations to a beach that I could take Jenny on for a very inexpensive price, OR (this is my favorite option) if someone wants to treat us to a trip, that would be AWESOME!