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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Learning to Use Diigo

Because of class Tuesday, I decided to do one of my digital literacy labs on Diigo, set up an account, and start using this tool. So far, I have really enjoyed it. It makes doing research on the internet a whole lot easier to organize, and keep track of. I was able to set up a profile, give a little information about myself, and I was able to find Dr. Burton on there, who I am now following. I think this is a great way to share information, and websites that you have discovered, and I can't wait until we get the class Group going on Diigo.

If you would like to start following me, go to Diigo, set up your account, then, in the search box, type in "Kevin Watson" and click "search for Kevin Watson in users". You can then click the follow link, and begin following the pages that I bookmark, highlight, and post sticky notes on. I love this tool!


  1. I also just got started using Diigo. It appears to be very useful! Do you by chance know the differences between this and Evernote, the note taking site that we talked about in class?

  2. I've never used Evernote before, but maybe someone else will post a comment here and answer your question.

  3. These tools will really come in convenient next time I am living in the library doing research. Its amazing how much easier it is to track and record your work.

    (I still remember stories from my parents and teachers about using those horrid 3x5 lined cards to carefully copy down and record information about each book so they could find it again.)