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Monday, September 13, 2010

Consume, Create, and connect

Margaret Weddle helped us to learn about Cloud Computing in her Consume lab. Cloud computing refers to what has happened with the internet. When you download a file to the internet, that file goes to the "cloud". When you upload a file from the internet, you are uploading it from the "cloud". Cloud computing is beginning to make Local Networking within companies more and more obsolete. Instead, companies are just using the internet to store files, so that they can be distributed even quicker. A great example of cloud computing is Google Documents. You upload a document to Google, and then that file goes into the "cloud" of information. People, from all over the world, can then upload the file and look at it. It is definitely quite an amazing concept.

Jeff Whitlock helped us learn how to upload videos to YouTube, which neither Margaret or I knew how to do. In order to use what I learned, I quickly loaded a funny video of me getting hit on the head by a branch onto YouTube: Funny Video

I taught our group about BackChannel, what it is, and how we can use it. Here is my PowerPoint for it:
BackChannel PowerPoint

Thanks for the great Digital Literacy Lab Margaret and Jeff! I enjoyed it!


  1. Another huge "cloud" computing development is a website called Dropbox. It is basically a storage place online where you can store whole computer's worth of information and access it at another computer!

  2. @ Kristi. I was JUST going to ask if Dropbox is cloud computing. LOL. My husband just taught me about it this week!