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Friday, June 17, 2011

Funny Moments with my Wife 2

So, this episode happened a while ago when Jenny and I were still in school and not off enjoying our summer break. But, it is hilarious, and I need to write it down somewhere so that I won't forget it, and so others can enjoy it.

Scene set up: It's late at night (around 11:00pm) and night has fallen. Jenny and I look at each other tiredly and collectively decide it is time for bed. As we are getting ready for a wonderful night of sleep, horror strikes... I realize that I have an online quiz due before midnight, and I haven't taken it yet. Jenny is so tired that she talks me into taking my laptop to the bed with me so that she can sleep by my side while I work on the quiz. We retire to the bedroom where Jenny quickly slips under the covers and falls asleep. I get comfy, open my laptop, wait for it to load, wait for the internet connection, and then log into the website where I have to take the quiz.

I didn't study much for the quiz, but I was able to make some educated guesses on all of the questions, with enough confidence that most of my answers were right. However, there was one question that I really had no idea on. I was able to eliminate two of the answers, and I was left with either B or C as the correct one. Not knowing which answer was correct, and looking to make a wild guess, I asked my wife for advice (not realizing that she was dead asleep next to me).

"Jenny, B or C?"
Jenny looked up bleary eyed at me. "Huh?"
"B or C?"
"B or C? Pick a letter."
At this, Jenny laid her head back down on her pillows and closed her eyes again. I giggled for a while about her answer, and then tried to ask her again.
"Jenny." She once again looked at me with squinted, tired eyes.
"Not L. I need you to pick either B or C for my quiz. So pick a letter."
After this answer she laid down again, and I just started cracking up. As I was laughing, Jenny gets up, still looking really tired, and stares at me disdainfully.
"Why are you laughing at me??"
While giggling, I spluttered out, "Because I told you to pick a letter and you told me 'seven.'"
"Never mind, just go back to sleep. I love you." With that I kissed her goodnight.
She smiled dreamily, laid back down, and drifted right back into dreamland.

With that, I made a guess, I can't even remember which letter I picked, because I was still giggling too hard. The really interesting part about this story was when I asked her if she remembered the episode. She said all she could remember was feeling confused that night, then a little angry for some reason, and then a sense of pleasure. That was it.

Luckily, Jenny just laughs about it along with me now. I love her so much!

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