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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Blog of Rhett Ferrin

As part of our midterm evaluation, we are supposed to do a review of another student's blog, and I was assigned to look at Rhett's blog. All in all, he does an amazing job of accomplishing all of the course outcomes. He has amazing posts that show he really reads and understands the historical concepts that our presented in class. He definitely understands the computer concepts that we are studying in class, and ties them together with the historical concepts in his blog posts.
The most impressive part about Rhett's blog is his self-directed learning. He takes the concepts of each class period, and does an extensive amount of research on his own, to be able to post very scholarly articles on the topics at hand. He does a wonderful job of combining pictures, videos, and scholastic information to help the reader gain a great and deep understanding of specific historical concepts. Take a look at his post on Fusion Vs. Fission as an example; by the time you are done reading Rhett's posts, you have gained a greater understanding of the topic he posts about.
For improvement, I think two things could be done:
1. Rhett could do a few more digital literacy labs, and try a few different blog post types. I think this would give a little more variety to the kinds of posts that Rhett has. Although Rhett has fantastic posts, I would like to see more of a variety.
2. Rhett could also give us some more of his own thoughts. I would like to see him write a post of what he thinks and feels, as opposed to his frequent articles that focus on scholarship. His scholarly posts are wonderful, but again, I think it would be nice to see a little more variety.
As far as the course outcomes go, I think Rhett is doing an excellent job, and I think his blog is one of my favorites to read.

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