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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Technological Frontier: Changing the world

Inspired by Kristen Cardon's post, I found this other YouTube video that talks about human capital and technology merging in the world we live today. In a way, the technological frontier has made it so that human capital is really only "capital" when that "human" understands technology. Therefore, "human capital" is really morphing into "technology capital".

However, I don't think this is absolute. As Walden talked about simplifying things, in many ways, we still want to hold on to the "simple things of life". There are still many people who love to go to an old diner for dinner. Or many who would rather hike a mountain trail then surf online for 6 hours. A lot of people still like simplicity.

But, the internet and technology are revolutionizing the way we do things. Just like frontiers of America revolutionized the way that Americans were and are, and how they acted and act today.

Pioneers still exist today. They are not pushing the limits of civilization, but they are pushing the limits of technology beyond what we think could ever be possible.


  1. That's what I was thinking about as we went through the readings on the frontier--the frontier hasn't disappeared; it has just changed form from the physical movement westward across the United States to the digital world (with a few steps in between, of course). And I think that as long as people possess the powers of innovation, there will always be new frontiers to conquer.

  2. If we believe in eternal progression than we have to consider the fact that there really is an ever and infinite expanding frontier line. What's on the other side? Greener grass, wide open spaces, an endless abyss... probably Elvis. You can choose to stay where society has made a structured world for you or you can brave your way out there - or you can find the next ring of frontier lines.

  3. When you talk about simplicity, I wonder does technology make our lives easier? Or does it complicate our lives? What are we willing to sacrifice in order to have technology?

  4. I enjoyed your post and I agree that there are not really any absolutes. I think that we can still enjoy the simple things in life and expand and explore the frontiers as well. Balance is really important

  5. You're blog is totally awesome (hehehe!) I liked the Did You Know Youtube Video. And I liked your comment about the internet and technology revolutionizing the way we do things just like frontier pioneers.
    I wonder who in our class will be a frontier pioneer? What do you think some pioneer projects are right now in technology?
    Thanks again for your totally awesome post!