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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Modernism and the Digital Age

The beginning of Modernism brought into question all that had been established before. Einstein questioned conventional ideas of Newtonian Physics. Darwin questioned the idea of Man as an important figure, but rather a result of Natural Selection. Art and Literature broke away from "the rules" and focused more on how we experience the world around us. War was changed.

Truth was brought into question. As Mike Lemon talked about in his blog, Modernism became detached.

The beginning of the Digital Age has brought into question all that has been established before. The internet has questioned conventional ideas of information. Crowdsourcing has questioned the idea that a single person helps to fix the world, but rather that we collectively can solve problems. Art and Literature have broken away from "the rules" and are changing the way writing and art are published and viewed. War has changed.

Truth is being brought into question. The Digital Age almost encourages us to be detached from the "real world." Then again, what is truth, and what is the "real world."

The wonderful part is that there is truth that never changes. The Gospel is there to embrace all truth. That is why I love being a Mormon!

What is a Mormon?


  1. Good lead in to finding out what a Mormon is! What a great post combining modernism and mormonism together. :)
    I liked your comment that "The Digital Age has brought into question all that has been established before."
    I agree everything has changed, especially with crowdsourcing. I was so impressed, shocked and amazed by the crowdsourcing presentation by Professor Burton today. I didn't realize how many crowdsourcing projects there are in the field of religion, art, literature, science, and law.
    I wonder what jobs there are for us in the field of crowdsourcing and what jobs we will create for others through crowdsourcing.

  2. Kevin, I totally agree with that the internet and digital technology has/will lead us to question existing societal norms, institutions, and paradigms in a very similar way as what happened during the period of modernism. However, I think that there is one big difference: Modernism lead people to feel detached and isolated. A general feeling of meaninglessness and pessimism permeated the movement. However, I would argue that there is a general spirit of optimism accompanying the digital revolution. Do you agree with this?

  3. Jeff, I totally agree. Although there is a lot of bad things on the internet, there is a WHOLE lot of good things. Crowdsourcing is changing the way things are done, in a very positive way. I would definitely agree that there is a lot of optimism with the projects that are developing through this Digital Revolution. And it is quite amazing!

  4. Digital culture has changed a whole lot of things in the world around us. It is amazing how much has changed. I think you are right that the gospel helps us to have a firm foundation in a changing world.

  5. Thanks for making the connection between the digital age and modernism. The way we view things is changing.