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Monday, October 18, 2010

God and Evolution

While looking online to find scholarly articles about Charles Darwin and his Theory of Natural Selection and Evolution, I found this really great slide presentation that gives a quick overview of what Darwin Believed on
Darwin in Historical Context

Further, just trying to find scholarly articles to read about Charles Darwin and his theory on Natural Selection takes you to websites that are very heated in the debate between Creationism and Evolution. I found Curriki to be the best help; however, trying to find a blog that strictly stuck to the historical side of Darwin was nearly impossible. Take the blog written by "Human Ape" for example... Highly biased towards Darwin being right, and that we should not believe in God. I think it's important to try and find scholarly articles that try and stay away from the debate between God and Evolution, and just present the history and factual information in a way that we can develop an informed opinion on what we believe.

After reading and listening to a lot on the internet about Darwin, I have to post my own opinion. Many people would say that there is a distinct line and an absolute schism between God and Creationism, and Darwin and Evolution.Who was it that said we can't believe in both?

As Morgan said on her blog, about Darwin's theory: "And what a grand theory it is! Simple, universally applicable, and proven." I think Darwin's theory has validity to it and can be proven in the world around us. Historically, biologically, and through archaeology, there is too much evidence that supports much of Darwin's theory on Natural Selection and Evolution. I find it all fascinating.

However, I don't think Darwin's theory casts God completely out of the picture. I believe that one day we will understand how God, who is omnipotent and omniscient, used natural laws in the universe to bring about His eternal purposes. I may not know exactly how evolution ties into all of that, but I do know that I eventually will in the future. What I do know is that God operates under higher laws than what we have here on earth, and that we will eventually understand how our science fits in with the designs of God.

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  1. Thanks for the blog post.
    I think its helpful to see and understand the opposing views out there.
    I truly dislike when people use science as a way to disprove God. Whenever a comment like that is made, the agnostic assumes that churchgoers don't believe in any scientific method, but believe that God "magically" made the world, which seems nonsensical to me. If that were the case, why would we be spending so much time in university learning about all the wonderful systems of our natural world?